No Shame Ministries is a Christ centered, mental health intervention and suicide prevention program, assisting individuals battling anxiety, depression, mental illness and suicidal ideation. No Shame accomplishes this objective by providing three comprehensive services. 

24-Hour Hop-Line

The Hope-Line counselors will complete a brief questionnaire with callers to determine the level of assistance needed. Any caller with a plan and the intent of suicide will immediately be connected with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Once the suicidal individual is safe at the hospital, a No Shame team member will meet the caller and their family at the hospital to provide support and resources. Hope-line counselors will also provide direction and support to individuals (or loved ones) experiencing anxiety, depression, mental health or suicidal ideation but do not need hospitalization. All callers will be paired with a trained peer support member who will assist them in developing a personal action plan, offer them additional resources, and engage them in one-on-one discipleship during their first 90 days of recovery.

Peer Support/Weekly Discipleship

 No Shame uses a wholistic approach to mental wellness, by developing healthy spirit, body and mind. Group attendees share common experiences, provide peer support and discuss what has helped them on their journey. Peer counselors will lead new participants through a 14-week discipleship curriculum, help individuals develop a personal action plan, offering support as they take practical steps toward recovery. 

Awareness Trainers

Awareness Trainers:  Mental illness and suicide education is provided for church congregations, Pastors, and community members. Participants will recognize the signs of mental illness and suicide, know how to intervene,  and understand the resources No Shame can offer. No Shame Ministries was born out of personal trauma and lessons learned too late. No Shame’s comprehensive and Christ centered ministries aspire to help hurting individuals move from crisis to wellness, save lives, and provide a community where there is NO SHAME.



No Shame Ministries

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