Enhancing Therapeutic Support.
Bridging Gaps for Lasting Progress.

We stand alongside therapists, offering vital support to bridge the gaps that can emerge in their patients’ journeys.

Therapeutic Support

Continuous Support
for Patients

Lasting Progress

Empowering therapists. Transforming lives along the way.

At No Shame Ministries, we hold deep respect for the impactful work that therapists do to promote mental well-being. We understand that therapists serve as guides, companions, and advocates on the path to mental health.

Yet, we also recognize that the constraints of time and resources can pose challenges in delivering continuous care.

Unveiling Therapeutic Challenges

In the realm of mental health care, therapists face the challenge of providing comprehensive support within the constraints of time and resources. While therapists offer valuable guidance during sessions, the absence of continuous check-ins can lead to gaps in support.

Recognizing this gap, No Shame Ministries steps in to address these challenges and provide ongoing assistance to patients in need.

Together, we enhance the therapeutic journey,
ensuring no patient is left to navigate their challenges alone.

Supporting therapists, preserving progress.

Collaborating for Patient Well-Being

Our approach revolves around collaboration. We partner with therapists to offer a unified network of care that extends beyond therapy sessions. Our team of dedicated coaches works together with therapists to provide the extra layer of support that patients require between appointments.

Continuous Support for Patients

Through No Shame Ministries, patients have access to a continuum of care that complements their therapeutic journey. We provide consistent check-ins, support, and guidance that help patients stay on track and avoid potential setbacks between therapy sessions.

Ensuring Lasting Progress

By offering extended support, we enable therapists to focus on their expertise—guiding patients through transformative therapeutic experiences. We believe that when therapists can rely on an external network to provide consistent check-ins, patients’ well-being is maximized.

Extend your care team
to serve your patients better.

African American female psychologist conducts an appointment with a patient in the office. mental
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We meet and establish a “working relationship” and define the details.

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WE CARE FOR Patients between sessions

We come along side your treatments and care for your patient on a daily basis.

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YOU KEEP treating With confidence

Know that your patients are in good hands and see the results you desire.

Stories of Hope

“I know there are more people hurting in our church and my plea is for those people to stop sitting in silent suffering and reach out to someone. Be bold and take that first step. And then to the congregation, if you don’t know what to say when someone says they struggle with a mental health issue but want help, reach out and walk alongside them until they find the help they need.”

Jason Rumbaugh

Omaha, NE

Be a agent for change and create a world where no one has to suffer in silence.

America is facing one of the most significant mental health crises in history.
People struggle daily with unaddressed issues that ultimately lead to broken homes, substance abuse, homelessness, or incarceration.
Every day, 2,500 suicide attempts occur in the United States alone.
That's 2,500 too many. We often learn that victims didn't receive the help they needed when needed.

Therapists and mental health care professionals are overworked and can often just offer patients limited time, creating dangerous gaps that lead individuals to give up hope.
It's a tragic reality that we can no longer ignore.

At No Shame Ministries, we understand the pain and suffering caused by mental health issues and refuse to accept the status quo. No individual should face their darkest moments without timely help.
Even though the statistics are staggering, they fuel our determination to act. Our mission is to bridge the gaps in mental health care, transforming a reactive system into a proactive one.
And coaches are the ones filling the gap.
These coaches work directly with at-risk individuals, providing consistent support, accountability, and guidance that can make all the difference.

No Shame Ministries collaborates with licensed mental health trainers and institutions like the American Association of Christian Counselors. We do not replace therapists; instead, we come alongside them, offering additional consistency and accountability between sessions.
Training a coach costs just $54, and the services they provide to people in crisis are free. Our coaches receive over 42 hours of training, which usually costs over $2,000 - but thanks to partnerships and donations, we can currently provide it for only $54.

Imagine the transformation that your contribution will bring. Broken homes will be healed, imprisonment and homelessness reduced, and families will be given hope. Children will have their parents back, and pastors and therapists can focus on their core responsibilities, knowing that our coaches provide crucial support.

Here is our process:
1. For only $54, a coach is trained
2. The coach works with at-risk people and fills the gaps in mental health care
3. Another life-altering event is prevented, and lives are preserved and restored

Your donation matters. It means another family and future will not be ripped apart by grief. It means individuals will not fall through the gaps in regular care. Together, we can break free from the limitations of a reactive approach and create a world where support is proactive, timely, and life-saving.

Join us in our mission to change Omaha, and cities across the US, forever. Your contribution has the power to transform lives and build a future where no one has to suffer in silence. Donate now and become a catalyst for change. Together, we can prevent another tragedy and bring hope to those in need.