Nurturing mental well-being, Cultivating Hope

About Us

At No Shame Ministries, we are dedicated to igniting a transformation in the realm of mental health support.

The founders’ own paths to healing illuminated the gaps within the mental wellness system. They recognized the urgent need for a space for individuals struggling with mental health concerns to find solace, support, and understanding. Guided by this vision, No Shame Ministries was born—a platform that blends peer-led support, mental health coaching, and a destigmatizing educational approach.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration. We stand beside pastors, therapists, and individuals, offering unwavering support on the journey to well-being. We partner with pastors, empowering them to lead their congregations with compassion, while we fill the gaps in mental wellness support. We collaborate with therapists, providing the necessary continuity of care that can often be challenging to maintain. We journey alongside individuals, offering them a lifeline through our warm-line, support communities, and coaching programs.

No Shame Ministries envisions a future where mental wellness is nurtured holistically. We strive to bridge the gaps within the mental wellness system, ensuring that no one is left to navigate their struggles alone. Our commitment extends to promoting awareness, creating conversations, and fostering a sense of belonging and support within the church community.

As we walk this path, we seek to be a beacon of hope, a safe space where individuals can find understanding, compassion, and transformation. Join us in our journey to empower lives, restore hope, and reshape the narrative around mental health. Together, we can bridge the gaps, break the stigma, and nurture a future where mental wellness thrives.

Meet our Founders

Our Team

Larry Derksen Jr.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Psychology/Human Services
  • Ordained Pastor in Simple Truth Ministries
  • Worked with disadvantaged youth at Denison Job Corps Center for 8 ½ years
  • Executive Director of No Shame Ministries
  • Certified Mental Health Coach (Specialization will be completed in a few weeks)
  • Husband and father of 3 children
  • Diagnosed with PTSD, generalized anxiety, and major depression
  • Board of No Shame Ministries – Support Group/Curriculum
  • Member of the Douglas County Sheriff Department’s Mental Health Board

Raised in a home with alcoholism, abuse and violence Larry battled with fear and anxiety from a young age. For years he attempted to cope with the disorder by finding success in his personal life. Larry was quick to get married, establish a family, purchase a home, become active in religion and develop his professional career. Yet, with everything the world had to offer Larry’s struggles escalated.

 At age 28, Larry’s life took another traumatic turn when his 8-year-old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. Within a few short months Larry was a single father of 2 children, unable to maintain employment, with the enormous responsibility of caring for a disabled son. Anxiety progressed into depression, which evolved into suicidal ideations and many times pushing him towards a tipping point.

 The cycle continued until a friend lovingly pressed Larry into seeking assistance from a doctor. Larry was diagnosed with PTSD, generalized anxiety and depression at age 47. After just a few short months on medication, he reports experiencing happiness for the first time in a long as he can remember. Now Larry’s passion is to share the hope found in Jesus Christ with those who are struggling with mental health.

Deb Jones

Embracing a lifelong journey of faith, Deb Jones has woven a story of devotion, service, and a deep connection with God’s calling. Her spiritual voyage took on new dimensions when she welcomed the responsibility of nurturing lives entrusted to her care—four precious individuals who completed her blended family. Her journey alongside her husband further illuminated the path of surrender and God’s sovereign plan, leading to a life deeply rooted in faith.

In 2009, a hunger for spiritual nourishment guided Deb’s family to a pivotal decision: there had to be more to their faith journey. Fueled by this quest for a more profound connection with God, Deb and her family embarked on a transformative chapter of their lives.

In 2012, Deb’s life transformed into a ministry of servanthood. Answering a persistent calling, she ventured into Stephen Ministry at Christ Community Church (CCC). Completing rigorous training, she eagerly stepped into a circle of peer supervisors, extending her hands and heart to her fellow brothers and sisters within the ministry.

Her journey took another significant turn in 2013, when a heartfelt plea for a GriefShare leader resonated deeply within her. With a pounding heart, she accepted the call, a commitment second only to her adult baptism. As the leader of GriefShare at CCC, Deb wholeheartedly embraced her role, offering solace and hope to mourners, witnessing the coexistence of peace and pain in their grief journeys. Over the span of a decade, hundreds of GriefShare family members have found refuge and healing under her compassionate guidance.

Deb’s commitment to service extended beyond the church walls. Collaborating with various organizations dedicated to community housing, child protection, and main street preservation, she witnessed the transformative power of collective effort. Guided by shared goals and a dedication to the greater good, she learned the profound impact of accountability and mutual support.

Now, once again, Deb follows a divine prompting, shifting her focus to No Shame. Recognizing the immense need for mental health and wholeness support, she stands poised to make a difference. Deb’s journey reflects her unyielding belief that through divine guidance, healing transcends brokenness. Her story is one of faith, service, and an unshakable commitment to uplifting others, igniting healing, and fostering wholeness in every heart she touches.

Heather Derksen

  • 25+ Years experience in accounting and business administration
  • 24+ Years of ministry leadership experience
  • Served on numerous non-profit boards
  • Wife and support of husband with mental health diagnosis
  • Treasurer on Board of No Shame Ministries

Heather become a Christian in her early twenties and quickly became involved in the ministry of serving God’s people. With a heart towards evangelism, she was actively involved in prison ministry, feeding the homeless, vocational training programs, children’s church and Christian discipleship.

Recently Heather’s life was impacted by suicide. In 2018, one of her close friends lost her husband to suicide. A few months later Heather’s son’s best friend Austin died by suicide. The loss of Austin, who affectionately called Heather mom, was like losing a son. These losses caused a significant wound in her heart and compelled her to take an active role in the establishment of No Shame Ministries.

Heather is currently using her years of experience in accounting, business administration, Christian ministry and evangelism to help those whose lives are being impacted by suicide.

Clark Osborn

  • Husband of 38 years and father of 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems

  • Biblical Studies/Management & Organizational Leadership – Grace University

  • Mid-West Regional Director – Real Momentum Ministries

  • 20+ years of non-profit ministry experience.

  • Certified Mental Health Coach (AACC).

  • Leadership team member of No Shame Ministries – Support Group Facilitator/Coach

Clark’s experience with mental health began with his own struggles with depression as a young Husband and father of three children. Clark discovered that there was a genetic component to mental health issues and has other family members who have also struggled with mental health issues. He is currently serving with No Shame Ministries as a Mental Health Coach to help others struggling with their mental health, or family members who need support navigating their loved one’s mental health journey. Serving others with a Christ-centered Biblical worldview is Clark’s passion and calling.

Stories of Hope

No Shame is a tremendous resource for anyone working through a mental health battle. Everyone is working on their struggles together and you never feel alone. This community was a God send just when I needed it!

Amber Ferris

Omaha, NE

Be a agent for change and create a world where no one has to suffer in silence.

America is facing one of the most significant mental health crises in history.
People struggle daily with unaddressed issues that ultimately lead to broken homes, substance abuse, homelessness, or incarceration.
Every day, 2,500 suicide attempts occur in the United States alone.
That's 2,500 too many. We often learn that victims didn't receive the help they needed when needed.

Therapists and mental health care professionals are overworked and can often just offer patients limited time, creating dangerous gaps that lead individuals to give up hope.
It's a tragic reality that we can no longer ignore.

At No Shame Ministries, we understand the pain and suffering caused by mental health issues and refuse to accept the status quo. No individual should face their darkest moments without timely help.
Even though the statistics are staggering, they fuel our determination to act. Our mission is to bridge the gaps in mental health care, transforming a reactive system into a proactive one.
And coaches are the ones filling the gap.
These coaches work directly with at-risk individuals, providing consistent support, accountability, and guidance that can make all the difference.

No Shame Ministries collaborates with licensed mental health trainers and institutions like the American Association of Christian Counselors. We do not replace therapists; instead, we come alongside them, offering additional consistency and accountability between sessions.
Training a coach costs just $54, and the services they provide to people in crisis are free. Our coaches receive over 42 hours of training, which usually costs over $2,000 - but thanks to partnerships and donations, we can currently provide it for only $54.

Imagine the transformation that your contribution will bring. Broken homes will be healed, imprisonment and homelessness reduced, and families will be given hope. Children will have their parents back, and pastors and therapists can focus on their core responsibilities, knowing that our coaches provide crucial support.

Here is our process:
1. For only $54, a coach is trained
2. The coach works with at-risk people and fills the gaps in mental health care
3. Another life-altering event is prevented, and lives are preserved and restored

Your donation matters. It means another family and future will not be ripped apart by grief. It means individuals will not fall through the gaps in regular care. Together, we can break free from the limitations of a reactive approach and create a world where support is proactive, timely, and life-saving.

Join us in our mission to change Omaha, and cities across the US, forever. Your contribution has the power to transform lives and build a future where no one has to suffer in silence. Donate now and become a catalyst for change. Together, we can prevent another tragedy and bring hope to those in need.