Joey Jones



Joey was 32 years old and born in california. He was a really happy kid. As a toddler he loved to have hot chocolate when grandma had her coffee. He loved the pool and any kind of water.

He was really close to his cousins. They were inseparable. When his cousin Ryan got sick, he was right by his side and made sure he knew he was loved! Made sure his cousin Brittany had a friend while her brother was sick. They were a trio all the way through high school.

In high-school, Joey learned Japenese and how to play the guitar. The guitar was his passion and he was amazing at it. He kept that passion his whole life.

Joey went to college for instrument repairs and helped his cousin Ryan learn how to play the guitar also.

Joey had a huge heart for others and especially family. He talked his grandma into having isolated family over for the holidays because he didn’t want anyone to be alone, no matter the history.

Joey was thoughtful. Always doing little things. Buying his grandma flowers, planting new flowers in the yard, washing grandmas car, mopping the kitchen, or anything he could do to show his love.

Joey was a hard worker, always had 2 or more jobs. Had an interest in the stock market. Never took a day off.

His uncle Larry was the only father figure he had. They both shared a love for the Los Angeles Rams and watched many games together. His uncle took him to a live game, they had their faces painted and had a great time!

His mom was extremely proud of him. He was her greatest accomplishment. She enjoyed taking him for walks and decorating for his birthdays. Joey always sent his mom flowers and was there for her whenever she was sick and needed him.

Joey has 2 second cousins but really they are his niece and nephew. He talked about throwing balls with them and the plans for the future. Brittany had a hat made for him that said “Uncle Joe” so that he knew he was more than a second cousin. Joey cried when he got it. His family meant so much to him.

Joey is incredibly missed. He is thought about every day. We wish he was here to laugh with, hug, and tell him how much he is loved like he told his grandma every single day.