Steve Docken



Steve was bright and active as a young kid and grew up in a loving family. Our house was the house all the neighborhood kids hung out in. Steve always loved music and began playing the drums at age 13. Steve loved fishing and boating with his dad, actually, they did everything together.

I got Steve into peewee football at Little Vikes when he was in 5th grade. Steve played for 5 years and was number 25 for the Steelers (each peewee team was named after and NFL team).

When Steve was 17, he had a beautiful girlfriend named Kristina, who gave him his son James. James was the light of our lives.

Later, Steve was in and out of prison and suffered from addiction issues. When he was 25, his dad, whom he idolized, died from lung cancer at the age of 50. Steve never fully recovered from that loss.

Steve did have 8 good years with his girlfriend Megan and he kept trying to make life better. Steve was a very loyal friend and inspired one to go on to college and career and saved another from committing suicide.

Steve was and is still so loved by his friends and family. I think about hime everyday.